Things are still a little weird in the world! Here’s how we’re rolling:

1. Please call ahead before coming to see us. We may be able to save you a trip.

2. The inside of the store is closed to customers at all times, but we have a handy service window where we can help you.

3. Payments: there is a terminal at the window with card & contactless payment options.

4. Tune-ups, repairs, and service: we have a waitlist! Call or email to get on it.

5. Test rides: By appointment only. Call to make one.

More people have started riding bikes across the country (yay!), and it means that long waits for service, low inventory of budget-friendly bikes, and parts shortages are a national phenomenon.

Our waitlist is quite long, but we’re doing our best to work through it while also changing flats, selling bikes, and answering phone calls and emails every day.

While we’re bummed that we can’t be the same face-to-face, high fivin’ resource we usually are, we are grateful that our customers allow us to stay open. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we do our best to continue our mission of getting as many folks on bikes as possible.

Oak City Cycling